To be recognized as the leader advancing the interests of the testing laboratories it is the target of RGA-CMTC to assist in the rebuilding of Afghanistan through the following Vision

1- To recognize and identify the financial rehabilitation of the country through a revaluation of its realistic and full of quality industrial potential.

2- To Employ and train native Afghans to develop skills that will enable them to gain employment and support their families.

3- To evaluate and implement a realistic financial package for having carefully and systematic relief programs for both Urban and Rural areas in link with scheduled rehabilitation, drawn up by donors.

4- To Evaluate Afghan construction companies through domestic competitiveness to evaluate where they can legitimately compact with international companies in their own country.

5- To encourage domestic development through careful and systematic planning and development through which we achieve infrastructure improvements.

6- To eliminate corruption and illegal practice.

7- To provide the latest technology that will enable the customers to carry out their activities to the maximum level and having a very standard rehabilitation.

8- A proper quality assurance system

9- A proper quality control system

10- Complete laboratory testing services such as color testing, robber testing, fuel testing, glass testing, etc.

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Khushal Khan Mina, 6th Street, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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