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General Information

Reno Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing Company started its operations in Dec-2006, RGA-CMTC is the leading materials testing laboratory with (13) branches and site offices located in:

Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar, Herat, Terinkot, Baghlan, Ghazni, Kunduz, Khost, Bamyan, Bagrami – Kabul, Qasaba – Kabul

Two and half years dedicated services in geotechnical engineering , steel testing, soil testing aggregate testing , concrete testing ,cement testing , asphalt testing and … etc. of roads & buildings enabled

RGA-CMTC to gain market leadership  in terms of standardized quality , best customer /client services , contributing in the rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

RGA-CMTC with their standard equipped testing houses run by well-trained experienced , qualified technicians , provide a much needed on and off site sampling , testing facility & where required consultancy in all aspects of civil engineering quality assurance quality control systems for Government of Afghanistan , Donor agencies and contractors as well as local companies,

We can offer and will provide the best services and will expand our capabilities in the market place in line with demand. RGA-CMTC always would be delivered up to its clients expectations.


We exist to ensure every materials used in construction works as well as their high quality testing is in full competency with the international construction Standards (ICS).

Understanding the objectives and concerns of our clients is a comer stone of our business and allows applied geotechnical Engineering consultants, RGA-CMTC to tailor our services to meet project requirements our quest for constant improvement and built in quality throughout every project is driving force behind our organization.

Delivering reliable and cost effective services to our clients is our ultimate laboratory purpose RGA-CMTC professionals focus their expertise on the geotechnical and construction materials testing  aspects of constructed facilities and the environment we apply engineering and geologic principles  with professional judgment , backed by field investigation and laboratory testing our objective is to provide technology sound recommendations after consideration of the theoretical ,practical and economic as well as environmental aspects of your project .




To be recognized as the leader advancing the interests of the testing laboratories it is the target of RGA-CMTC to assist in the rebuilding of Afghanistan through the following Vision

1- To recognize and identify the financial rehabilitation of the country through a revaluation of its realistic and full of quality industrial potential.

2- To Employ and train native Afghans to develop skills that will enable them to gain employment and support their families.

3- To evaluate and implement a realistic financial package for having carefully and systematic relief programs for both Urban and Rural areas in link with scheduled rehabilitation, drawn up by donors.

5- To encourage domestic development through careful and systematic planning and development through which we achieve infrastructure improvements.

6- To eliminate corruption and illegal practice.


7- A proper quality control system

10- Complete laboratory testing services such as color testing, robber testing, fuel testing, glass testing, etc.

Services & Capabilities

The RGA-CMTC team has strong capabilities in quality control system and willing to be a part of the efforts with concerns who are involved in the construction of industry in Afghanistan.

 RGA-CMTC offers a broad spectrum of expert construction material testing services ranging from conception to the completion and operation of the development projects.

We provided our customers with one – stop- materials testing solutions where all their testing needs from A to Z like

  • Geotechnical Investigation/ Geological Engineering
  • Well Designing/Hydrogeological Assessment
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Steel Tests
  • Soil Tests
  • Aggregate Tests
  • Rock tests
  • Masonry Tests
  • Concrete Tests
  • Cement Tests
  • Asphalt Tests
  • Bitumen Tests
  • Water Tests
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Survey
  • Calibration services
  • Mining Consulting Services

Reach us

+93 (0) 78 110 2009
+93 (0) 795 006 565


Khushal Khan Mina, 6th Street, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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